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Toninho Ferragutti

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Toninho Ferragutti - O Sorriso da Manu

Using the sonority of a small orchestra, Toninho Ferragutti introduces his new album, O Sorriso da Manu. The genesis of this album are compositions made for the show “Grupo Luceros dança Toninho Ferragutti”, directed by Clarisse Abujamra, in which the dancers perform to the sound of a quartet comprised of accordion, percussion, clarinet and acoustic double bass.

Over time, besides being the soundtrack for the ballet, the songs became independent and started being presented in an instrumental version in Ferragutti’s concerts. Excited with the result, the composer decides to record them in an album. To the already assembled group, with Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet), Beto Angerosa (percussion) and Zé Alexandre Carvalho (acoustic double bass), Ferragutti added Paulo Braga’s piano and the string quartet comprised of Ricardo Takahashi, Liliana Chiriac (violins), Adriana Schincariol (viola) and Raiff Dantas Barreto (cello), creating a small orchestra that combines many languages.

From nine tracks of the repertory, “Flamenta”, “Circuleta”, “O Sorriso da Manu”, “Balanguinha” and part of “Nova” originated from the dance show. Then, for recording the album, Ferragutti added “Paçoquinha”, written in honor of Olívia, his oldest daughter, as well as “Trilha feita a lápis”, “Trilha feita à mão” and “Choro da madrugada”. 

The task of adapting the songs to an orchestral ensemble was shared by arrangers Edson José Alves, Rodrigo Morte, Neymar Dias, Alexandre Mihanovitch and Adail Fernandes. Adonias Junior was in charge of recording. 

Another highlight of the new CD is the way it was recorded. “In a studio the environment is usually cold; each musician arrives at a different time and records their part separately. My intention was to warm up the environment”, says Ferragutti. He achieved his goal recording everything live, with all musicians playing together at the stage of FECAP Theater, in São Paulo. “We used the acoustic of this theater, which was built to produce exactly this type of sounds that I like”.

In the hands of Ferragutti, the Brazilian accordion gained new notoriety in the past years. His acclaimed individual discography, along with hundreds of participations in other artist’s records, shows the sound richness of an instrument full of possibilities.

Produced with resources from the Cultural Action Program of São Paulo State (Programa de Ação Cultural do Estado de São Paulo, ProAC), O Sorriso da Manu was recorded in only three sessions of six hours each – which shows the connection between the musicians. “This was the idea from the beginning: everybody playing live together with no audience, but taking advantage of the theater’s acoustic”, explains Ferragutti, whose album was named after a song composed in honor of his daughter Manuela.

Track list:

1. Circuleta (Toninho Ferragutti)

2. Trilha feita à mão (Toninho Ferragutti)

3. Nova (Toninho Ferragutti)

4. Trilha feita a lápis (Toninho Ferragutti)

5. Flamenta (Toninho Ferragutti)

6. O Sorriso da Manu (Toninho Ferragutti)

7. Paçoquinha (Toninho Ferragutti)

8. Choro da Madrugada (Toninho Ferragutti)

9. Balanguinha (Toninho Ferragutti)

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